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The Origins of Soap...

Our Colonial heritage soapmakers were pioneer women who found that boiling waste fat drippings and adding lye from wood ashes produced soap.   Cold process soapmaking today is a craft, and the method uses water plus sodium hydroxide (lye) and plant and/or vegetable oils.  The combining of the soap’s ingredients is a natural chemical process called saponification, and the cold process is a term to describe the 4-6 weeks of natural curing.  The cold process allows the ingredients to produce the soap's characteristics of hardness, lather, and moisturizing, rather than adding manmade chemicals found in grocery store soap. 



About Unaka Soap Lady...

In September 2012, I took a 5-day class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, to learn how to make cold process soap. Since taking the class, I have made more than 2,400 pounds of handcrafted, cold process soap using ingredients which I choose. The recipes quantify the oils, liquids, sodium hydroxide (or lye), and additives such as essential oil, fragrance oil, or texture, if desired. Each small batch of soap is handmade, poured into the mold, cured until ready to hand cut, and then hand packaged. We make every effort to use the finest ingredients available and strive to create a natural product free from artificial preservatives, hardeners, colors, or latherers.


About Unaka...

In the extreme western part of North Carolina, bordering the Nantahala National Forest near where Copper Creek meets Beaverdam Creek, lies the small community of Unaka. Unaka is a Cherokee Indian word for “white” and was used to describe the mountains of the area. Dating to the early 1800’s, 15 miles NW of the Cherokee County seat of the Town of Murphy, Unaka is a remote mountain community with a rich historical background and beautiful abundance of nature and peaceful living.

homepage redpouchWhy Unaka Soap Lady...

You will immediately notice the appealing fragrance, thick lather and a cleansing difference found in The Unaka Soap Lady’s soap. Each bar is made with heartfelt care and loving hands, is gentle and good for your skin, and always made in small batches. Thank you for buying the Unaka Soap Lady’s soap. In our fast-paced world when money is tight, you can afford yourself a small indulgence. May this soap bring you a moment of pleasure and peace.


  • I love I love I love

    “Although all The Unaka Soap Lady’s soaps are so fragrant, I love, love, love Sunny Day! It has a nice clean somewhat citrus scent and practically says Good Morning! A great way to start the day!” Janet B., Seminole, Fla., July 5, 2013
  • No I can't live without it

    “I’ve always had frequent outbreaks due to the Florida heat and humidity almost year-round. I’ve tried everything, including dermatologist medicines and expensive cleansing products such as Proactive and NOTHING worked. I was losing hope until I used The Unaka Soap Lady’s Facetime Facial Bar soap. Now I can’t live without it. It has a perfect balance of natural ingredients along with the perfect amount of tea tree oil that doesn’t dry out my skin. My skin has NEVER looked better!!” Jen J., Clearwater, Fla., July 15, 2013
  • It smells so good

    “Ever since I bought my first bar of handcrafted natural soap from The Unaka Soap Lady, I quit buying commercial brands. I have tried many of her fragrances and my favorite is her Cherry Almond Cream. It smells so good and makes my skin feel soft and clean. It is made with goat’s milk from a local farmer and it also has palm, coconut, olive, sunflower, canola, and castor oils. With her passion and those ingredients, The Unaka Soap Lady’s Cherry Almond Cream is an amazing soap.” Marla D., Unaka, NC, August 1, 2013

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Unaka Soap Lady Sales:

Murphy Farmers' Market, L&N Depot, Murphy, NC, Saturday, April-November, 9a-1p

MarketPlace Antiques, Murphy, NC, open daily, 10a-5p

Tunnel Mountain Crafts, Dillsboro, NC, across from the train station, open year round

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